Dear GreenHouse FreeWare and Product user,

FreeWare is my way in doing advertisement. This is the reason why GreenHouse has so many valuable FreeWare tools posted on freeware. And I'm going to develop more!

But I also get many questions like: Why don't you charge for these tools? We feel better when we have paid for it!

So finally I decided to differentiate between my FreeWare tools, and ShareWare products.


This type of software is free of any charge, AND it is supported: These tools are normally build around a new function I developed, and the tool is simply there to test the new function. All changes, done to the function, are implicit part of the tool as well!


This type of product is free of charge for a two months test period. When you are going to use the product after this time on a regular basis you are requested to register with GreenHouse, and to pay a fee. These tools are supported as well, because they are in use on my systems, and by some of my customers! ShareWare makes you feel better, because you have to pay for valuable and highly functional software. ShareWare displays a banner saying:

This software is NOT licensed.

Once you registered with GreenHouse, you get a LicenseToken that suppresses this message, and displays the name to which the software is registered. To register the Shareware Tool, please send an EMail to GreenHouse.


Here is a list of ShareWare products as of 15Dec2016:


Title Category Description Change
ListLib Shareware
ListLib prevents the LISTNER from supporting a DoS attack. 08.02.2012
NetDup Shareware
Duplicates files between systems using EXPAND, WITHOUT the need to have remote passwords 07.02.2007
SECOML Shareware
Light version of the GreenHouse product SECOM (Secure Command Manager) 09.03.2018
SetPW Shareware
Allows an easy management of passwords 06.07.2010
WhatsUp Shareware
Displays in real time SAFEGUARD audit events 07.02.2007