In addition to support, GreenHouse develops and markets security and operation related system products.

Authentication Server

Central authentication server for all GreenHouse products as well as user applications. Supports both Challenge/Response-based and TimeToken-based methods.


DiskWipe erases the free space on a volume by overwriting it with pattern. The pattern value, as well as the number of write rounds, can be configured. Typically the DoD defined set of pattern is used within 7 wipe rounds. To minimize the impact on the system, the number of disk I/Os per second can be configured as well. DiskWipe using an optimized write technique to boost the throughput.

iWAMS (integrated Web Administration Management Suite)

iWAMS allows the central management of GreenHouse products within an EXPAND network, where the manager can switch between nodes without the need to re-logon, and a context sensitive switch between products.


Real time log of all authentication events to a given OUT file.


Merges UserID records from multiple systems into one USERID/LUSERID file. Supports Export and Import of user records while keeping ALL attributes.

MPWD (Modem Port Watch Dog)

Controls all interactive terminal sessions (any Telnet type, asnyc, X.25, etc.) by supporting different types of authentication methods (system password, pass phrase [= a text string of any length] Challenge/Response), creating any type of resource, and tracing user interaction.

Obi (Object Integrity)

OBI checks all security related file attributes of executables on a regular basis, and reports the changes.

PWQASEEP (Password Quality Process)

Password Quality Security Event Exit Process (SEEP) controls all password changes, based on a set of configurable rules.

PASSYNC (Password Synchronizer)

Synchronizes passwords on those systems to which the user has valid remote-password access.

PS-Shell (PATHWAY Server Security)

PS-Shell (PATHWAY Security Shell), which controls all OPEN events directed toward PATHWAY servers and automatically rejects unexpected ones.


REPRIEVE makes SAFEGUARD PCI compliant in regard to the management of frozen users, and prevents a Denial-of-Service attack, caused by the AUTHENTICATE_FAIL_FREEZE setting in SAFEGUARD.

SAFECOM for Auditors (CURIOUS)

The original SAFECOM product, which lacks the ability to add, change, or delete any item from SAFEGUARD. CURIOUS the ideal tool for auditing: Auditors are allowed to see everything without being permitted to change anything.

Secure Command Manager (SECOM)

Performs ID mapping and command level security. Allows the execution of any type of resource - including TACL Macros and Routines - with any predefined ID. Controls all types of functional users and enforces a single logon. The GUI-based SECOM database management makes it easy to define new access types and commands.

Security enhanced FTP Client (SFTP)

Security enhanced FTP client, allowing the establishment of FTP sessions without the need to know a password. Ideal for batch applications!

Security enhanced FTP Server (FTPSERV-E)

Provides security for the FTPSERV product: Allows the control of users, files and locations to be accessed, and IP addresses to be used. Supports generic users (users not known to the system), logs all users' actions, and generates event-dependent messages, which can be sent via $RECEIVE or PATHSEND to any type of post processor.

Single Sign On for 6530 emulators (MyLogin)

MyLogin is a first step towards Single Sign On for Tandem. Works best with comFortes Win6530.

TALIS (Trace And Log Information System)

The GreenHouse products FTPSERV-E, MPWD, and SECOM log all user actions, MPWD and SECOM are even able to trace the users terminal input and output. TALIS, a SQL based application running on WIN98/NT/W2K/XP, allows an easy GUI-based 'point and click' analysis of these files.

VILIB (Visual Inspect Library)

Allows the user to establish a Visual Inspect session with a function user, such as SUPER.SUPER, without the need to know the password. Logs all activities.


GreenHouse developed a Tandem/GUARDIAN based WasteBasket, from which a purged file can be easy and hassle-free restored.

HPE-NonStop Security

Secure your HPE-NonStop system with security software and privileged system products and tools from GreenHouse

GreenHouse products and tools related to PCI requirements: PCIproducts.pdf

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