Allows an easy management of passwords

15.04.2008: Typo in HELP fixed

08.03.2005: Documentation updated

08.05.2010: Support of long passwords (up to 64 bytes) added

20May2010: Minimum length of user supplied password is now checked correctly.

06Jul2010: In case MaxPasswordLen is not supported, it is assumed to be 8.

Introducing a (new) password for a user is a task that costs time to make it efficient: It has to fit a possibly configured history stack, needs a minimum length and has to be changed when it is first used by the user.
SetPW does exactly this and helps the system manager, to easily introduce a new users password.users password.

1,000 US$ per NSK system for international users
   750 EURO per NSK system for European users

For detail information please read the documentation.

In case you find a bug, please let me know, and I'll fix it.

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