Clear Screen - clears the 6530 screen of the calling user

14Sep2021, Version 302
Support of code 500 object.

06Dec2012, Version 302
The display mode is now re-set to ASCII (Crrl-O).

26May2011, Version 301
To direct CLS to clean line 25 as well, any character is now accepted.
CLS     cleans the screen only
CLS n   cleans the screen AND line 25, where n is any character

25May2011, Version 300
Support of cleaning line 25 added.

01Jan2007, Version 200
Viersion procedure adjusted.

Support of code 800 object.

Clear Screen (CLS) is a FreeWare tool from GreenHouse. When executed, the users 6530 type screen is cleared, and the cursor is positioned to the first line of the first page.

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