Lists a chain of OBEY files

Version 106 - Display warning when obey file not found

Code 800 support

ListObey is a FreeWare tool from GreenHouse.
It reads obey files, and sends the read lines to the OUT file.
A maximum of 10 chained obeyfiles at a time is supported (obey file 10
is called from obey file 9 ... which is called from the first
obeyfile being processed).

Beside displaying the read obey line, the file name, where the line is
coming from, can be displayed as well by supplying the key word:
FILECHAIN. In case the line is from a chained obey file, the entire
file chain is displayed (see the example below).

In case a recursion is detected, ListObey aborts with an error
message, displaying the file that calls itself.

In case a file is in error (e.g. does not exist, or gets a security
violation), its name along with the file system error number is

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