This site offers a bunch of GreenHouse developed NSK based tools.

The software is free of any damaging code like Trojan Horses, viruses, worms etc. It is provided 'as is', no warranty is given!

Anyway: Feel free, to use them.

View the readme file for install information!

You can down load any of these tools WITHOUT the need to send me your name or anything that points back to you.

In case you are interested in automatically getting informed about revised or new GreenHouse freeware tools, then send an e-mail to with the key word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. Thank you!

Is the GreenHouse FreeWare a serious offer? Please check with document Why freeware.

A brief description of the freeware tools can be downloaded (470 KB) here.

Freeware Tools

Title Category Description Change
Access SAFEGUARD/Security
Evaluates and displays a users access rights on any object 04.01.2007
ACLCheck checks SAFEGUARD for questionable Access Control Lists (ACLs). 03.04.2016
AES System
AES libraries for TNS/R and TNS/E 24.04.2012
Altfile System
Adjusts alternate key pointers in structured files. 16.06.2022
BindLib System
Binds and de-binds a library to/from an executable 13.04.2021
Changes the GUARDIAN-ID (number) of an Alias user 04.02.2021
CBT System
Lists and optionally cleans-up blind TACL processes 13.03.2016
Change System
Changes an existing string with a given one in a set of EDIT type files 01.08.2011
CheckTok System
Checks the LicenseToken of GreenHouse products 06.02.2006
ChildsOf System
Displays the child processes of an ancestor process 16.08.2016
Manages orphaned remote passwords 26.01.2012
Easy control of expired users and passwords, and an automated delete of the related user entries. 03.05.2010
CLS System
Clear Screen - clears the 6530 screen of the calling user 13.09.2021
CompEdit System
Compresses EDIT type files without changing the modification time stamp 15.01.2007
CopySec System
Copies security addtibutes from one file set to another one 03.03.1999
Crypt System
DES based encode/decode program (CBC mode), using passphrases 06.06.2001
Changes the ID's in existing ACLs 19.02.2009
Deletes orphaned SAFEGUARD ACLs 30.07.2009
DES System
DES - Data Encryption Procedures TAL, pTAL and epTAL libraries 04.01.2007
Exchange System
Exchanges an existing file set with a new one while keeping all security attributes in place. 26.09.2005
FileTree System
Displays ENSCRIBE type file along with their alternate key files and partitions 01.09.2020
Flips the USERGROUP attribute in SAFEGUARD 05.11.2014
FTPOLib System
Library that enables FTPSERV to access even open files 24.04.2003
Password Generator 24.07.2013
GetInfo SAFEGUARD/Security
Collects all SAFEGUARD settings into a file for a later restore 01.01.2009
Checks PATHWAY security settings 31.03.2014
Give SAFEGUARD/Security
Gives files to a new users 29.11.2010
Introduces the SWID fingerprint to executables 10.04.2016
InTral SAFEGUARD/Security
Intrusion Alterter, based on SAFEGUARD 14.12.2011
LastLogon: Collects the last 10 successful logon events, and displays them on demand 26.10.2004
LastOpen System
Displays, and optionally sorts, files by their creation, last open, or last modification time stamp. 03.04.2016
License System
Intelligent tool to set the License Flag on executables of code 100, 700, and 800. 22.02.2012
ListObey System
Lists a chain of OBEY files 13.02.2022
MyGive System
FUP GIVE functionality, but with additional volume template support, which is NOT suppported in FUP. 30.08.2011
MyInfo System
Enhanced FILEINFO, supporting WHERE clauses to easily find files by their name AND attributes. 04.04.2016
MyPurge System
Enhanced PURGE, supports WHERE clauses for Owner, EOF, and creation time 13.04.2021
MySub System
Displaxs all subvols where a user owns at least one file 30.05.1999
MyTerm System
Displays the IP address or X.25 DTE number of any 6530 type terminal. Supports secure 6530 connections. 01.09.2020
MyUser System
Displays all GUARIDAN as well as Alias users mapped to an ID 12.11.2007
NET System
Displays EXPAND nodes 03.04.2000
Displays files lacking an effective SAFEGUARD ACL 01.09.2004
NoCTACL System
TACL, lacking the interface to $CMON 06.11.2003
Creates and extracts ZIP type files on a Tandem system 25.10.2016
NumtoID SAFEGUARD/Security
Converts a number (decimal, hexa decimal, octal) into a user ID, and name 07.12.2002
Accelerate with the OCAX 23.07.2019
Orphans SAFEGUARD/Security
Manages orphaned disk files 06.01.2011
PGPonNSK System
Prette Good Privacy on Tandem (OSS personality) 02.10.2002
PPD System
Sorts and displays the PPD based on wild cards. Sorts result, and supports WHERE MOM clause. 16.09.2016
PrinterFonts System
Laser printer fonts for the SPOOLER 17.02.1999
Sets the ProgID flag (SECOM supportive Utility) 10.02.2002
PurgeDat System
Purge Data on Enscribe type files with alternate key files 21.10.2010
Purges outdated temporary disk files 26.08.2004
PWChange SAFEGUARD/Security
Changes a system users password 20.10.2005
PWCheck SAFEGUARD/Security
Displays all GUARDIAN as well as Alias users, lacking a system password 13.09.2007
Displays the password expiration parameter of a set of given users 16.04.2007
PWState SAFEGUARD/Security
Displays the password status 29.01.2007
Remotes SAFEGUARD/Security
Displays remote passwords 29.01.2017
Replace System
Replaces a set of files with a new one while keeping all security attributes 13.04.2008
Revoke SAFEGUARD/Security
Intelligent tool to Revoke the License flag from executables 24.09.2000
RunCtrl System
Control of RUN commands from within programs, e.g. SCF, SQLCI etc. 13.02.2000
SaveAudi SAFEGUARD/Security
Saves SAFEGUARD audit and EMS log files on a regular basis into a definable location. 26.02.2018
Secure System
Intelligent file secure 28.05.2009
Sets a remote password for an even non existing system 26.01.2012
Management of super fluid ACLs 29.01.2017
SFGBitClear SAFEGUARD/Security
Tool to clean up invalid/superfluous SAFEGUARD ACL flaggs 18.12.1998
ShowLib System
Displays Object type file (code 100, 500, 700 and 800), having a library attached. 15.04.2021
ShowSys System
Displays system processes along with their CPU usage 13.08.2001
ShowUser System
Displays processes of a given user by CPUBusy, or StarTime, or ... 13.04.2008
SysInfo System
Displays all system relevant system data 12.09.2021
SysTime System
Displays system times of all systems, connected in an EXPAND network 23.12.2002
TimeZone System
Displays the systems time zone 14.01.2007
TOFO System
Tandem Object File Optimizer 06.04.2015
Trace System
Traces a process chain 14.01.2007
TraceLog SAFEGUARD/Security
Traces SAFEGUARD audit files and displays internal link information 26.09.2002
TrashPW SAFEGUARD/Security
Trashes a GUARDIAN or Alias users password 12.11.2018
WhoIs System
Displays actual system users 10.06.2014