Duplicates files between systems using EXPAND, WITHOUT the need to have remote passwords

29Apr2005: Introduction of completion codes.

25Apr2005: Introduction of PARTRONLY

14Apr2005: Introduction of PARAM ALLOWABENDS ON|OFF

13Apr2005: Programming glitch eliminated, causing a misinterpretation of the DUP key word when running in INLINE mode.

12Apr2005: Introduction of INLINE processing.

11Apr2005: NetDup now displays the number of duplicated files, as well as error messages.

While I worked for Tandem, we had a nifty tool named NETDUP which allowed us, to transfer files between a remote node, and our home node WITHOUT the need to have remote passwords installed. The trick was done by PROGIDing the NETDUP tool to an ID, that had remote passwords set for all systems world wide. OK - you think, this can be done by a PROGIDed FUP as well? That is correct, BUT this FUP would allow you to do everything, the owner of the FUP object is allowed to do, including PURGE, PURGEDATA etc. There also is no limitation on the direction: FUP allows to 'pull' or 'push' files.

1300 US$ per NSK system for international users
1000 EURO per NSK system for European users

For detail information please read the documentation.

In case you find a bug, please let me know, and I'll fix it.

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