Displays in real time SAFEGUARD audit events

Do you remember Bugs Bunny, asking his friends the question: What?s up, Doc? And he
always got an answer!
The original sound track is part of the product delivery (Whats Up Doc.wav).
Would you sometimes like to ask this question to SAFEGUARD to get an answer about the activities, filling up the Audit files?
While doing a Security Review I ended up with exactly this question: What is filling up 180 MB big SAFEGUARD Audit files within 10 hours, when there are literally no ACLs set, the general auditing was switched off, and only SUPER.SUPER activities were audited?
We had no clue.
Finally I decided to write a program that answers this question, and to name the product after the question of Bugs Bunny: WhatsUp.
WhatsUp evaluates incoming SAFEGUARD audit events in real time and displays them to
the user.

1300 US$ per NSK system for international users
1000 EURO per NSK system for European users

For detail information please read the documentation.

In case you find a bug, please let me know, and I'll fix it.

GreenHouse Software & Consulting
Carl Weber