Dear GreenHouse customer, prospect and fan,
we are proud to announce a new type of products, available from GreenHouse:

What is PayWare, and why do we offer this type of software?

Let me start some 13+ years back?


When GreenHouse started in 1994, we also started to develop, maintain and ship GUARDIAN based FreeWare. This is our way in doing advertisement. From our competitors you get coffee mugs, T-shirts, mouse pads, pens and other hardware, while we as a software house offer helpful and maintained free software, that makes life on a Tandem system - nowadays: NonStop Server - much more easy.

What is FreeWare?
Our definition is:

   1. The software is distributed to any interested party.
   2. It is available from a public place in the Internet:
   3. The software is free: You don?t have to give us any money to
      - get it
      - use it
   4. The software is maintained by GreenHouse, because we use it ourselves!
      The maintenance includes
      - bug fixing
      - enhancements (when you have a good idea: let us know!)
   5. The software is free of intentional bugs, Trojan Horses, viruses or any other decease.

Why does GreenHouse give valuable software for free?

   1. Because we believe, that we should not take money for every bit and piece of code.
   2. Because we believe, that helping the Tandem community is good for all of us!
   3. Because this is our way of doing advertisement!


But this seemed to be a problem for some of you, when you are not allowed to use FreeWare on your NSK system, but are requested to run "real" products, where you have paid for.

Based on this request GreenHouse invented ShareWare for NSK in 2002.
ShareWare is very similar to FreeWare, but with these differences:

  1. ShareWare can be used for free for 62 days.
  2. When using the product for more then 62 days on a regular basis you are requested to pay a license fee.
  3. The software does NOT quit from running when the LicenseFee is NOT paid, but a banner is displayed every time the product is used to let you know, that you have to pay a fee.
  4. The fee is a one time fee.
  5. There is no maintenance fee: All ShareWare products are maintained for free.

ShareWare also is much more powerful than FreeWare, and each product represents an investment of more than 3 months of development.


But this still does not satisfy the requirements of ALL Tandem users ?
At least this was told to me in September 2004: There are still NSK users out there, willing to use my Free- and ShareWare tools, but only in case they have contracts in place, where they have paid for, and where they have paid for the maintenance.
So we invented this third product type and named it: PayWare.

Our definition of PayWare is:

  1. It is exactly the same product as the corresponding Free- or ShareWare product, but shows a different banner and version procedure.
  2. PayWare, based on Free- or ShareWare, is compiled from exactly the same source, where compile toggles decide about product banners and version procedures.
  3. PayWare runs for 62 days without a license.
  4. After 62 days, the software stops running and a license has to be purchased from GreenHouse which includes the
          - one year product license (current year + 4 month) as well as the
          - yearly maintenance fee.
  5. An expired or non existing PayWare license causes the PayWare to refuse from running.
  6. PayWare has to be re-licensed every year.

With this invention we hope, that it solves ALL your problems and that ALL of you can make use of the big GreenHouse tool box!

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you like a tool, but are requested to pay for it:

We migrate every GreenHouse Free- or ShareWare tool to PayWare at no extra cost.

Now the question is: How much is a PayWare product?
Here are our ideas about the pricing:

FreeWare migrated to PayWare
This type of product has a fixed price of 250 per system and year.
The tool SECURE, originally a FreeWare product, will be: 250 per year and system.

ShareWare migrated to PayWare
Migrated ShareWare is priced as follows:
ShareWare price/3 + 100
The LAUNCHER ShareWare product is 1.000,00. The PayWare equivalent is calculated as:
1.000/3 + 100 = 333 + 100 = 433 per system and year.

The LAUNCHER ShareWare product is 1.000,00. The PayWare equivalent is calculated as:
1.000/3 + 100 = 333 + 100 = 433 per system and year.

All prices are:

   1. Independent of the system type (K, S)
   2. Independent of the system size (number of CPUs)
   3. Independent of the number of concurrent users
   4. Cover the current year plus 4 months of the next year
   5. Include the maintenance fee

The currency is Euro for European customers, and US$ for all non European customers.

Beside Free- Share- and PayWare, GreenHouse develops and maintains products, e.g. the command level security product SECOM, or the authentication product MPWD, or a secure FTP server etc. These products do NOT have any Free- or ShareWare equivalent, and thus will not be available as PayWare.

In case you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Carl Weber
GreenHouse Software & Consulting

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