GreenHouse Software & Consulting was founded in April, 1994, by Carl Weber.

Starting in October 1978, Carl spent 15 1/2 years with Tandem Computers GmbH in Germany in various management and technical positions. In 1985, when Tandem introduced SAFEGUARD, Carl became the leading specialist in the security of Tandem systems in Germany. 


  • Leadership of the two successful system and security evaluations at GISA (German Information Security Agency [German equivalent to the NSCS])
  • Development of the Secure Site Manual to pass GISA evaluations
  • Accompanying of the Tandem SAFEGUARD Evaluation, performed by the NCSC (National Computer Security Agency) in the US (from the kick off in Cupertino, to the certification ceremony in 1993 in Baltimore)
  • Development of the Modem Port Watch Dog to secure all dial-up lines of all Tandem-owned systems in Germany
  • Development of system tools
  • Management of the Security SIG (special interest group) within Tandem
  • Professional services

GreenHouse also specializes in NSK security and in developing privileged system products and tools.


GreenHouse is an Alliance Partner of Tandem Computers (now Hewlett Packard).


GreenHouse support is available for all security related tasks:

  • Development of a security policy (platform independent)
  • Implementation of a security policy (platform independent)
  • Security review (mainly NSK systems)
  • Customized programming (NSK only)
  • GUARDIAN/SAFEGUARD security education

In addition to support, GreenHouse develops and markets security and operation related system products.

Company equipment

For development, GreenHouse runs two NSK  systems:

  • (K122 with release D48.02)
  • (S7000 with release G06.29)
  • NS1000 with release H06.26
  • NS3 X1 with release L22.09.00

The two systems are connected by EXPAND over IP.