Displays Object type file (code 100, 500, 700 and 800), having a library attached.

16Apr2021, Version 411
Add file code 500 for x-type systems

21Sep2010, Version 403
Self extracting Code 100 PAK type files are now handled correctly.

02Sep2010, Version 402
Introduction of key word SHOWMISSING
Cuases SHOWLIB to display only those files with an attached library, where the library file is missing.

13Aug2010, Version 401
ShowLib object file now available in code 100, 700 and 800.

05Jul2010, Version 401
Files with invalid file codes are now handled correctly.

02Jul2010, Version 400
1. The file name template of the LIB parameter is no longer resolved
   with the users location.
2. The library evaluation is transferred to library procedures, which
   are used in the OBI (Object Integrity) project from GreenHouse.
3. The performance is enhanced dramatically.

10Jan2007, Version 300
ShowLib now supports object files of code 100, 700, and 800.

In case a library does not exist, or in case it points to a remote system, a WARNING is displayed.

SHOWLIB displays all program files with file code 100, 500, 700 and 800, having
a library attached.

SHOWLIB has to have READ access to the object files for evaluation
purpose. To successfully check all files, SHOWLIB should be executed
from SUPER.SUPER, or through SECOM.

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