GreenHouse products create files, where all

  • terminal I/O is captured (key stroke capture) in trace files and
  • product events are recorded in log files.

These files are entry sequenced files, and can easily be listed with e.g. ENFORM. But this requires some technical knowledge.
To allow non technical people, such as auditors, the evaluation of these files, the product TALIS (Trace And Log Information System) became created.
TALIS it is a Java based GUI program, that runs an a PC (Win2000 .. WinXP). It comes along with mySQL, and has a build in FTP client. Evaluation tasks do NOT add burden to the Tandem system!
The user can 'point and click' to evaluate even open log or trace files, store evaluation requests and re-load them, save evaluation results etc.

TALIS makes the evaluation of tog and trace files a breeze!

Now, TALIS was integrated in iWAMS, the browser based management system from GreenHouse.
iWAMS allows the central management of GreenHouse products within an EXPAND network, where the manager can switch between nodes without the need to re-logon, and a context sensitive switch between products.
Actually the following products are supported by TALIS within iWAMS

  • MPWD

Download product information of TALIS (German only).

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  2. Put the system information in the following form
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