It is not a security breach to connect a Tandem system to a TCP/IP network, but it may cause security related problems.

Accessing a Tandem system, either through TELNET or FTP, always requires the requesting user to present his system known ID and corresponding password for authentication.

However, it might be necessary to restrict specific users from accessing the system through FTP, or from accessing (import, export ) specific files through FTP. Maybe a user should get access to FTP without having valid GUARDIAN credentials (ID and password). Perhaps you need to allow the establishment of a FTP session only from specific IP addresses. You may want to log FTPSERV activities without the need to configure Safeguard Access Control Lists (ACLs), or you may want to send action dependent triggers to other programs/servers to start processing e.g. when a file is received or transmitted.

The following features would be required in the standard FTPSERV program to make it accommodate these situations:

  • Control of system users (GUARDIAN and Alias users), accessing FTP
  • Ability to grant access to FTP for generic users (non GUARDIAN users)
  • Control of disk files that system users and generic users are allowed to access
  • Check of IP address, establishing a FTP session
  • Audit of all security related FTPSERV events
  • Optional support for dynamic passwords (TimeToken)
  • Event-based message generation

The FTPSERV-E Solution

GreenHouse Software and Consulting has designed a library for the standard FTPSERV product, making it a security enhanced product. The library adds features to the standard functionality, and allows a complete control of FTP actions. It comes are code 100, 700 and 800 library.

FTPSERV-E Management

Manage FTPSERV-E with the browser based management system iWAMS, the integrated Web Administration Management Suite.
iWAMS allows the central management of GreenHouse products within an EXPAND network, where the manager can switch between nodes without the need to re-logon, and a context sensitive switch between products.

Download product information of FTPSERV-E.

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Four steps to your free trial license:

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  2. Put the system information in the following form
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