PASSYNC is a product that allows synchronizing user passwords on Tandem (NSK) systems running EXPAND. It exceeds the functions of the established PASSWORD program by adding the ability to automatically change a user's password on all the systems the user has remote passwords configured on.

The following user attributes must exist:

  • The user ID and corresponding user name must be exactly the same on all the remote systems (for example, 100,5; GHS.CARL; GreenHouse)
  • The user must have a remote password configured on the system

PASSYNC's features

  • Guardian and Alias user support
  • Option to synchronize all passwords of users (Guardian and Alias) who share the same ID
  • PASSYNC crosses phantom node boundaries (NOPASSTHROUGH nodes)
  • Configuration is done through an EDIT type file
  • Can be combined with the Password Quality product PwQaSEEP.
  • Safeguard is not required

Download product information of Password Synchronizer.

Order Free Trial

Four steps to your free trial license:

  1. Download the freeware tool Sysinfo and run it on the target TANDEM machine
  2. Put the system information in the following form
  3. Select the product form the drop down list
  4. GreenHouse will send the license key via EMail

Data protection: If you contact us via the order trial form, your details will be taken from the form including the contact details provided by you for the purpose of processing the request and in case of follow-up questions stored with us. We do not give this data without yours consent continues.