Modem Port Watch Dog (MPWD) is an authentication and session control tool. It secures dial-up ports as well as TCP/IP TELNET ports, and optionally enforces a Challenge/Response handshake to authenticate a user. Challenge/Response is the strongest authentication method currently available.

In addition to this main feature, MPWD supports these functions:

  • Trace of the entire terminal I/O to a disk file (key strokes)
  • Cleaning up inactive sessions
  • Support of generic users (= users known to MPWD only) and ID-hopping (you logon as yourself and get access to a functional user).

Download product information of Modem Port Watch Dog (MPWD).

Order Free Trial

Four steps to your free trial license:

  1. Download the freeware tool Sysinfo and run it on the target TANDEM machine
  2. Put the system information in the following form
  3. Select the product form the drop down list
  4. GreenHouse will send the license key via EMail

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