GreenHouse announces the availability of the browser based management system iWAMS, the integrated Web Administration Management Suite.

iWAMS allows the central management of GreenHouse products within an EXPAND network, where the manager can switch between nodes without the need to re-logon, and a context sensitive switch between products.

Supported products so far are:

  • SECOM - Secure Command Manager
  • MYLOGIN - Single Sign On (MyLogin) for 6530 emulators
  • FTPSERV-E - Security enhanced FTP server
  • TALIS - Trace and Log Information System
  • VILIB - Visual Inspect Library
  • WEBADMIN - the iWAMS internal security system.

Other products and ShareWare tools will follow soon.

iWAMS is written in PHP, and runs without platform dependent changes on:

  • Windows
  • Unix
  • Linux
  • NonStop Kernel (Yes: We have a working version of Apache and PHP for Itanium systems)

All major browsers of the newest generation are supported, such as

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Mozilla (Firefox)
  • Google Chrome

Traced SECOM command SUPERTACL and evaluation of input/output session data with iWAMS:

Order Free Trial

Four steps to your free trial license:

  1. Download the freeware tool Sysinfo and run it on the target TANDEM machine
  2. Put the system information in the following form
  3. Select the product form the drop down list
  4. GreenHouse will send the license key via EMail

Data protection: If you contact us via the order trial form, your details will be taken from the form including the contact details provided by you for the purpose of processing the request and in case of follow-up questions stored with us. We do not give this data without yours consent continues.