Displays actual system users

Intro of BRIEF attribute for ON command, e.g.: WHOIS ON,BRIEF

The library procedure to get the IP address had a bug, which is fixed now.
Thanks to Theo!

Each displayed block is now separated by a blank line to make the result more readable.

A not existing home terminal of a process no longer causes WHOIS to enter DEBUG.

A specified process (by name, or PIN) now gets a possibly attached LIB displayed.

Code lifting.

In case a library is attached to a program file, it is displayed.

Code streamlined, and performance dramatically enhanced.

Support of code 800 type object.

Full support of Gemini Telnet features, including:
- Client port number
- Tandem IP address
- Tandem port number
Requires STN54 or better.

GHSLIB enhanced with the ability to talk to the Gemini Telnet process.
In case there is a Gemini Telnet, we can NOT retrieve the clients IP port, and the Tandem IP address and port.

The Process creation time as well as the process age is now displayed.

In case WhoIs is started from a Win6530 type emulator, it now uses a new interface to directly communicate with the emulator.

Support for Subtype 30 Processes added; enhanced error handling.

Starting with GUARDIAN D30, Alias users are introduced to the system, and co-exist beside GUARDIAN users. An Alias user has its own name (which is case sensitive), an individual password, and DEFAULT values (GUARDIAN security, DEFAULT volume, SAFEGUARD default ACL).

This is the good news.

The bad news is, that an Alias is mapped to a GUARDIAN-ID when he successfully has passed the authentication procedure. This means, that the ID of a running process does NOT show the real user behind it, which might be an Alias user. It is even worde, when several different Alias users are mapped into one GUARDIAN-ID.

WhoIs is the solution: It displays the real ID behind a GUARDIAN ID when there is one.
WhoIs displays the following user information:

    * Alias Name (if the user has logged on with an Alias name, e.g. Weber_Carl)
    * GUARDIAN name (group.name, e.g. GHS.CARL)
    * GUARDIAN ID (groupID,userID, e.g. 100,5)
    * home terminal
    * window address of home terminal (IP or X.25 DTE address)

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