Tandem Object File Optimizer

The secondary extent is now as small as possible, which is 14 pages on Itanium type systems.

Re-Compile, no code changes.

Removal of test time: TOFO is now available without any time restriction.

New compilers - especially those on Itanium systems - produce a lot of slack in object files.
In the 'good old times', the compiler allocated one large extent, able to hold the entire object file. The problem now is, that the first extent is pretty small, and the secondary extents are really big. This leads to the problem, that the compiler has to allocate at least one secondary extent, which is not really used.

This means: The object file looks small, but requires a large portion of the disk space.

To minimize the disk space, that is needed to hold an executable file, GreenHouse developed the Tandem Object File Optimizer (TOFO).TOFO optimizes an object type file in a way, where is consumes the smallest disk space possible.

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