Displays system processes along with their CPU usage

Wouldn't it be handy to have all system processes displayed along
with some attribues, like CPU busy, start time etc.?

Wouldn't it be even better to have these processes sorted, e.g by
- CPU,PIN, or
- start time, or
- elapsed time, or
- actual busy time

And what about having the shown processes refreshed every n seconds?

ShowSys does the trick for you.

ShowSys can display all system process, sorted by

  • CPU,PIN (default)
  • start time (BY STARTTIME modifier)
  • elapsed time (BY CPUTIME modifier)
  • busy time (BY CPUBUSY modifier)
  • process name (BY PROCNAME modifier)

where the Evaluation results of the

  • elapsed time (BY CPUTIME CYCLE modifier)
  • busy time (BY CPUBUSY CYCLE modifier)

can be refreshed every 1 .. 300 seconds.

The shortest cycle time is dependent on the terminal output time,
and the number of processes to be taken into account.

The cycle time is automatically set to: $MAX(CycleTime,TerminalOutputTime)

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