Purge Data on Enscribe type files with alternate key files

Code refresh.

Handling of unstructured files corrected.
This change is done in the GHSLIB library procedures.

Typo eliminated.

In case a file is open, the user now is requested to accept the file to be processed.

PurgeDat did not perform the purge data operation correctly when the EOF of the first partition of a partitioned file was zero, while a subsequent partition had some data.

A day one bug was found: System numbers, representing a lower case character, where upshifted. This could cause a aproblem when the 'new' number was an unknown system.

PURGEDAT performs a purge data on a set of files, and optionally
de-allocates all extents.
It also takes all alternate key files into account.

To purge data a file that has alternate key files, you MUST perform
the FUP PURGEDATA command (or the CONTROL operation) on every single
file. It is NOT OK to perform this command on the primary file only!

I found this boring, and developed a small tool that does exactly
this: In case a PURGEDATA has to be performed on a file, the primary
file as well as all corresponding AK files get their EOF set to zero.

To successfully perform a purge data operation, the PURGEDAT user must
have WRITE access on the file(s).

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