Intelligent tool to set the License Flag on executables of code 100, 700, and 800.

23Feb2012, Version 410
All PRIV code replaced by CALLABLE code.

14Oct2010, Version 400
All executables are now accessed by their structure to find PRIV or CALLABLE code.

04Oct2010, Version 320
Intro of GHS_FFF procedures to skip OSS type files.
Before an inline BIND, noft or enoft is contacted, its existence is chekced.

10Dec2008, Version 310
Code 100 evaluation is now done using BIND.

11Jan2007, Version 300
Version procedure aligned.

Enhanced to operate on code 800 files.

Do you know the files on a Tandem system, needed to be licensed?
Do you know, which licensed files do NOT need to be licensed?

Once in a while I stumble into the situation, that someone did a


to 'be on the save side'.

It is an awful task to re-introduce the right settings.

So I invested a few days, and invented a small tool, that does all
this for me (and you):

- it displays the actual LICENSE flag situation
= licensed OK
= license needed
= revoke needed (because there is no need for a license)

- it corrects the LICENSE flag situation
= it sets the license flag on those type 100, 700 and 800 executables and
library files, containing PRIV or CALLABLE code:
= it sets the license flag on those SQL files, needing it
= it sets the license flag on file $SYSTEM.SYSnn.SORTPROG
= it resets the license flag from those type 100 and 700
executables, NOT containing PRIV or CALLABLE code.
= changes only those files, where a change is required 

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