Displays, and optionally sorts, files by their creation, last open, or last modification time stamp.

     * OSS files are ignored now.

28Aug2012, 144
    * Fix of a typo.

12Oct2010, 143
    * The number of files, which can be taken into account, is enlarged to: 1,000,000.
    * The total number of displayed files is now shown at the end of the list.

19Mar2007, 142
    * Support of key word shortening, as long as they are unique.

    * Support of object code 800 added.
    * The header line is now displayed each 23 lines.

    * The file creation time is now available as well.

    * A file name pattern is now checked for validity.

The LastOpen freeware tool displays the last file open time as LCT of a given set of disk files.

Beside listing files, matching a given last open time or time frame, it is capable of sorting the files in ascending order by the last open or last modification timestamp.

Three executable versions are available:

  1. LastOpen.100 = accelerated executable, file code 100
  2. LastOpen.700 = native executable, file code 700
  3. LastOpen.800 = native executable for Itanium, file code 800

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