Intrusion Alterter, based on SAFEGUARD

1INTRAL - Intrusion Alerter - performs a real time evaluation of incoming SAFEGUARD log events. When a given threshold is exceeded, an alarm is generated.

Command syntax:

INTRAL (101) - T7172G06 - (15Dec2011) System \GINKGO, running NSK H06
Copyright (c) GreenHouse Software & Consulting 1999,2011
Command syntax is:

[run] INTRAL[/OUT[]/][-H][10s][10s,1min,10min,1h]

defines an OUT file.
-H causes INTRAL to display help information
10s defines the 10 second value
if no other values are given, it is used to
calculate the 1min, 10min and 1h value as follows:
1min := 10s *6 -10s
10min := 1min*10-1min
1h := 10min* 6-10min

In case all four values are present, they will be used.

You must be SUPER.SUPER to successfully execute INTRAL.

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