Password Generator

Non required character types are now suppressed in PWGEN.

PWGEN now suppresses a possible generated trailing ampersand (&).

PWGEN now tolerates the SAFEGUARD setting with a password minimum length of 0.

Programming glitch fixed in PWGEN.

PWGEN creates passwords, matching the SAFEGUARD settings.
This is new with 22Jan2011
Fixed on 06Jun2011

PWGEN now uses the new password attribues:
- ALPHA - min num ALPHA
- all min attributes
Introduced on 23Jul2013


GENPW is a TAL program, which generates 'meaningful' passwords.
It is written by Dr. Don Miller, and authorized to be distributed as freeware.
The following run modes are supported:

GENPW [seed]

displays the generated passwords to the home terminal.
[seed] is an optional string, used in the password generator.

GENPW/OUT / [num] [seed]

writes the generated passwords to OUT.
In case OUT exists, it is used.
In case OUT does NOT exist, it is created as EDIT type file.
[num] is the number of passwords to be generated. Legal values are 1 .. 32000.
When missing, or [num] is illegal, 16 is used.
[seed] is an optional string, used in the password generator.

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