Exchanges an existing file set with a new one while keeping all security attributes in place.

Now available in code 100 und 700.

Reasons for EXCHANGE
Are you responsible for introducing new files to the system?
Do you have to upgrade existing software once in a while?
Do you struggle with all the rename, purge, FUP DUP etc. commands and possibilities to do the job?
And when finished, you have to reverse it all, because one of the files was the wrong one?

EXCHANGE addresses the specific problem of adequately protecting subvolumes for multiple uses.
The security access required to INSTALL programs and files is different from the security access most appropriate for USAGE of such programs and files. A Security Administrator must either enable the broad INSTALL access at all times, or stand ready to change the access from USAGE to INSTALL (and back again) whenever a new version of the software is delivered.

EXCHANGE solves this problem by concentrating the INSTALL authority into a software module. The Security Administrator sets up appropriate USAGE access, and then delegates the authority overlay the objects involved through execute access to the program EXCHANGE. The person authorized to INSTALL new versions only needs the EXCHANGE program, not the broader authority to LICENSE, PURGE, or SECURE other files on the system.

Program Logic
EXCHANGE performs all steps necessary to exchange production files (already in place) with installation files (the ones that have to replace the production files).

  • saves the old/existing files (to allow a fall back)
  • puts the new files in place (it finds out by itself, if a rename is OK, or if FUP is needed)
  • keeps the security settings in place (GUARDIAN as well as SAFEGUARD)

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