Deletes orphaned SAFEGUARD ACLs

SAFECOM does not support the functionality to list, and optionally delete, orphaned ACLs. An ACL is considered orphaned, when the related object no longer exists, such as e.g. an ACL of a SUBVOL, where the last file is purged, and the SUBVOL no longer exists.

DelOACL closes this gap.

Version 200 supports DISKFILE PATTERN as well.

Version 300 uses a fatser method to get to orphaned DISKFILE PATTERN.

Command syntax to list all orphaned ACLs:

[run] DELOACL[/OUT <listfile>/] [LISTONLY]

Command syntax to delete (all) orphaned ACLs:

[run] DELOACL[/IN <exceptions>,OUT <listfile>/] DELETEAll deleted ACLs are saved in a SAFECOM ready command file to easily re-introduce them.

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