Manages orphaned remote passwords

Remote^SysList added. This prevents inconsistencies when deleting orphaned remote passwords on newer GUARDIAN releases. This code is compatible with all system types!

Code liftings.

Minor face liftings.

Support of code 800 type objects.

Orphaned remote passwords can now be removed from a specific user:

A missing $SYSTEM.SAFE.LUSERID file is now handled correctly.

The CleanRPW freeware tool from GreenHouse software allows you, to
clean-up orphaned remote passwords on your system.

Have you ever seen a SAFEGUARD entry like the following:

REMOTEPASSWORD = \??????? sequoia

This happens, when a system is removed from the EXPAND network, BEFORE installed remote passwords, pointing to this system, were deleted.
There is no way in SAFEGUARD to remove this orphaned remote password.
The only solution so far is, to delete ALL the users remote passwords,
and to re-install the ones, pointing to the still existing nodes.

CleanRPW does the trick for you WITHOUT this hassle...

1. Logon to SUPER.SUPER
This is necessary, because SUPER.SUPER owns the files, CelanRPW
is going to access physically.

2. Run the CleanRPW program.

The command syntax is:

[run] CLEANRPW [-H[ELP]| | LIST | USER ]

To simply get help, execute this command:


To clean-up ALL orphaned remote passwords, execute this command:


To clean-up the remote passwords, pointing to a specific system,
use this command:

[run] CLEANRPW In case sys-num is a known system number, you get a warning
message, asking you to accept the deletion of remote passwords,
pointing to a still existing system.

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