Changes an existing string with a given one in a set of EDIT type files

Support of imbedded blanks in OLD and NEW strings. 

Major re-write.
Support of NOT attribute to exclude files from the execution list.

In case OUT is defined, and OUT is different to the home terminal, the output is written to OUT as well as the home terminal.

CHANGE is a freeware program, that changes an existing string to a new one in a given set of EDIT type files.

Command syntax is:
CHANGE [template];[B][W] /old/[new]/ or "old"[new]"
[;[B][W] /old/[new]/[; ... ]]View the readme file.

I am pretty sure, that this software works - because I use it myself, and
distribute it along with my products.
Anyway: There is NO warranty from GreenHouse, that the software works OK in your environment.

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